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An unexpected paradise, well guarded, where the Aegean and the Ionian are meeting, reserve Kythira to the travellers.

The wild beauty which welcomes the visitor with the approach to the east, opens the mystic path, which in that place, resulting in a unique world of myths, legends, history and tradition.

The great advantage of Tsirigos, is the marriage of East and West. Sometimes in a geopolitical way, was selected and served as a station of trade routes and today is a hub of military importance.

In parallel cultures, the success of a rare, mixed culture, but also the characteristics of the natural environment, and has the chance to reconcile the glaring sun of the Aegean, with the rich fertility of the Ionian Islands.

From this position, Kythira proudly managed to synthesize during centuries a very distinct, separate identity.

The culture is proving a particular dimension of life in Kythera and is actively supported by each individual resident, and by a rich network of cultural institutions. The interest of every inhabitant of Kythira for the arts has led to the establishment of institutions and to the constant renewal of stimuli searches for forward-looking spirit. Historical research, favored by circumstances, have one of the most interesting records of the Ionian Islands, for the period of foreign sovereignty, large in volume and value, which is housed in the castle of Chora. A fairly large number of seasonal cultural events held every year, during winter and summer throughout the island. Visitors will encounter reports visual artists, concerts, theatrical performances, film screenings, symposia, folk art exhibitions, traditional festivals, informative lectures, sporting events and religious rituals. Some of the many interesting areas of hospitality, are the theater in the grove of Potamos, the castle of Chora and the market (Mercato) in Chora.

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Guest Comments
Ιάκωβος - Χριστίνα:
19-04-2011 16:32:38

Επιλέξαμε επιτέλους να πάμε στα Κύθηρα για διακοπές και ξεκούραση το καλοκαιράκι. Εκμεταλλευθήκαμε καλές...
Πέτρος Αποστολόπουλος:
05-07-2010 20:31:43

Για φέτος επέλεξα για διακοπές τα Κύθηρα. Η αλήθεια είναι πως με προσέλκυσαν τα βίντεο που είδα στις σελίδες...
Boris Stresits:
08-06-2010 22:42:48

It is a wonderful place Kythira Island. It is my first time in Greece and especially in a Greek Island and the hole environment is something unique. Venardos hotel in Agia Pelagia was a surprise to...

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